YOUR CONSULTANT IS Diedra Blankenship

My Story

 I have always been an avid candle lover.  I came upon the leather scent candle  quite a few years ago.  One day I went to my dentist and they had a scentsy warmer with the scent in it.  I asked them where the smell was coming from and they enlightened me on Scentsy.  I did a little research and decided that I wanted to invest after having one myself for less than year in my home.  I never used any other scent than leather.  What can I say, I'm a Texas girl.  I love the smell of a saddleshop/boot store and that is what my house smells like.  I do strategically place the car candles and travel tins throughout my house on occassion.  They have so many more fragrances that are outstanding.  I skipped over hosting parties and went straight to selling because of the product itself.  It is something I believe in.  The smells fill the room (and then some) and last such a long time.  I also have small children in the house so putting them up high and not having to worry about an open flame is definitely a plus!  I hope that you can find the same satisfaction in this product that I have.  Contact me for a fun filled Party today or to join my team!!!  I've tried the "other" brands.  They are just no comparison to Scentsy.Scentsy patents everything they do...AND THEY OFFER A LIFETIME WARRANTY.  To date (11 years in the business) they have never had a recall.  They have remained in the top 25 of DSA for many many years.  It is a true product through and through.   I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.  Scentsy, in true fashion, always comes up with new innovative ways and products... stay tuned... contact me! <!--endbody-->